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"CAPRICE ART SHOW A GEM -The exhibition and sale of paintings at
the Gilded Goat by Kimberley's Caprice last weekend was an absolute gem.
The glowing pure colors of her Rocky Mountain landscapes made you feel
like you were looking through a window at the real thing,
bathed in that clear light peculiar to high alpine country.
The woman cannot only paint like a dream, her drawing is immaculate, too.
No wonder so many of her paintings sold in this two day exhibition and sale.
I, for one, am eagerly awaiting her next exhibition. Paint, girl, paint!"
-Mike Redfern, The Daily Bulletin, September 11, 2002


Below are some photos of the -HERE I AM- Exhibition
that took place at the Gilded Goat Design Studio on
September 6, 7 & 8, 2002.

-Past exhibits-


Below are photos of the -ALL THIS TIME- Exhibition
that took place at
Caprice Fine Art & Co. Inc. Studio Gallery 
June 20-21, 2008